About The Virginia Northern Company

The Virginia Northern Company understands that in today's global marketplace, it isn't just what you know or who you know, but how you go about maximizing the intellectual capital, experience, drive and passion of an organization; turning those critical and important factors into ROI. In the marketplace, as on Capitol Hill, an organization must have a sophisticated understanding of the legislative process, market conditions, strategic relationships, ability to focus and how these matters impact management objectives.
The Virginia Northern Company has the experience, knowledge and ability to create avenues which will help guide management to achieve goals and open the doors to opportunities. We encourage you to inquire how we can assist your organization in achieving success in a timely and cost effective manner. We don't work to create a fee, we work to build lasting relationships that will endear The Virginia Northern Company to your organization. We want to be your counselor in tough times and good times, to work side by side with our clients' and to share in the success.
The founder of The Virginia Northern Company is David L. Dieterich. He can be reached at dd@virginianorthern.com.
David Dieterich provides leadership in the areas of business development, marketing, membership and government relations—both state and federal. Through his company, The Virginia Northern Company, he also provides business strategies including merger and acquisitions. Most recently he served as Senior Vice President of the eHealth Initiative and eHealth Initiative Foundation, a not for profit healthcare organization based in Washington, DC. His work resulted in approximately 150 new corporate members and the initiation of accelerated work on state HIT (health information technology) initiatives, which number over twenty. Prior to this he was Managing Director and President of a multi-million dollar subsidiary of Hanover Direct, a public company based in New Jersey. His previous experience includes work as an officer in both the public and private companies for a Forbes 400 member. Mr. Dieterich has a broad base of experience in organizational operations, having served as Vice President - Corporate Secretary and Assistant to the Chairman of a company he helped take public and that achieved a market capitalization of over $1 billion dollars. His experience is not limited to domestic affairs. He created a successful joint venture between a private US company and a European nation. His early corporate work includes time in management with D'Arcy, McManus & Masius and Chrysler Corporation. Mr. Dieterich has a strong background in working with elected officials on a state and federal level. His experience working with the leadership in both parties and various members of Congress, departments and agencies add to his abilities. He has been an advisor to public and private firms, not for profit groups, associations and high net worth individuals in efforts directed toward policy, advocacy, governance and awareness of critical matters. He has been a featured speaker at universities, corporate forum's and trade associations on topics ranging from internet development, capital raising, target marketing and policy. Mr. Dieterich's undergraduate and graduate education was at Southern Methodist University and California State University. He lives in northern Virginia with his two children.